Reusable Straw Case

Do you use reusable straws? They are fantastic. We (well, my kids mostly) use stainless steel ones. The opening is big enough for thick smoothies, easy to clean, and unbreakable. No more plastic straws, and soggy paper straws.

So when a customer asked me to make a reusable straw case, I was delighted. It’s just a variation on my cutlery case (like this one), but longer and narrower. It will fit up to four straws perfectly.

reusable straw case by piggledee

I also padded the pouch – just in case you might want to use glass straws. I love padded pouches anyway. So cushy, soft, and cuddly.

reusable straw case by piggledee

Isn’t the blue strawberry fabric adorable?

reusable straw case by piggledee

The navy blue and white stripe is for a grownup man. I love that a grownup man would tote reusable straws! So cool.

As a bonus, you can use this as a cutlery case for adult-sized forks and spoons. Yay for versatility

reusable straw case by piggledee

reusable straw case by piggledee

These straw cases are hygienic, because it’s easy to turn the pouch inside out, rinse it, and it’ll naturally dry out in a few hours. They are also machine washable, like most of these pouches I make.

These straw cases are now available in my Etsy shop (just search for “straw”).



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