From Idea to Shop: Water Bottle Holder

I thought it might be fun to journal the process of designing new products and getting them ready for my Etsy shop. So here it is – chapter 1, water bottle holder.

the IdeaI’ve been wanting to make insulated water bottle cases for years. Why? Because summer in Australia is hot, and there is nothing worse than drinking lukewarm (or worse, warm) water after a workout.

You might ask, so what took me years to make one? Doesn’t it look simple enough? The sad-but-true answer is: I’m scared of maths. Yes, I’m fearful of calculating diameters, circumference, radius, and all those dreadful primary-school level stuff that seemed unavoidable when coming up with a round-bottomed pattern.

But this January, motivated by the sheer heat wave that lasted for days, I finally bit the bullet and went for it. Hooray!

lemon lime water bottle holder by piggledee

The design: As you see, the design can’t be simpler. I used a layer of insulation material, and PUL for the lining. PUL makes the case more water-tight. Another benefit of PUL is that it’s stretchy, so is easier to sew the fiddly bit of attaching the circular bottom to the side panel. There is no closure like a snap button, velcro, or drawstring (all of which I considered). This makes it easy to access the water bottle.

water bottle case by Piggledee

I admit, the maths part was hard, but online calculators like this helped me tremendously. Thank you, modern technology!

Product testing: I immediately began to use the case every day. I took the baby to the gym, to walks, and to parks with the kids. And yes, the insulation worked, especially when I put ice cubes in the water. This wasn’t surprising. But I also noticed something else – just having that bright yellow bottle case brightened up my mood. It made exercising more fun. Plus it made me want to drink more water, which is a good thing, right?

Shop readiness: Now that I was in love with my new water bottle case, I wondered if I can make them for my shop. Luckily, a lovely customer asked me to make one for her, to match her lunch bag. So I took that as an opportunity to work out a formula to fit her larger water bottle. After a few hours of fiddling, crunching numbers, and making more samples, I think I got it right. Here are all the samples – with all the sample bottles in my house to test them out. By then, my tiny studio was super messy!

sample water bottle cases by piggledee

These water bottle cases are now available at my Etsy shop (in the brand new “water bottle holder” section). I have two sizes available by default: small and large. The small size will be good for small water bottles like mine (or my kids – see the pink plastic one in the photo). The large size will be good for larger water bottles and (bonus!) most wine bottles. Now who wouldn’t want to take a chilled bottle of wine to a picnic? Or use them as a chic and eco-friendly gift bag? Anyway, if you would like me to modify the size slightly to fit your special water bottle, please message me.

small water bottle case by piggledee

The water bottle

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