Birthday Fabrics

Every February for the past several years, my mother has given me gifts of fabric for my birthday. She visits Japan every year around the New Years Day, and goes fabric shopping for me. Isn’t she the best?

This year’s bundle is mostly food and plant prints – how well my mother knows me. Being a trained chef, food is my old obsession. Being an amateur gardener, vegetables are my new obsession. Probably that’s why you find so many food-related items in my Etsy shop…

fabric bundle from Japan

All these fabrics are cotton linen blends. Again, my favorite kind of textile. Sturdy and earthy, even a little bit of linen mixed in with cotton gives the fabric a rich texture and warm feel.

new vegetable fabric from Japan

Isn’t this fantastic for a gardener? How many of these vegetables have you grown yourself, or are on your wish list? Or it’s a great fabric for kids to learn vegetable names. So at the very least, they won’t be grow up to work at a supermarket, and ask me if the vegetable I’m buying is a zucchini or a cucumber (seriously, this has happened to me often). Anyway, I might make a farmer’s market tote bag with this one. Fun!

new vegetable fabric from Japan

I love this fun print. It reminds me of a chalkboard art at a trendy cafe.

new veggie fabric from Japan

Another vegetable and cooking print. Perfect for a lunch bag, don’t you think? I love fabric like this that would appeal to children as well as grownups.

new cactus fabric from Japan

Do you love cactus? I’m more into edible plants, but I love that cacti can live forever in my house without much watering. The background blue color is beautiful. I see miniture cacti in tiny pots or teacups everywhere these days. What if I make a tiny tote bag that you can use as a gift bag for a couple of cactus pots?

new bread fabric

Last but not the least – bread! I love baking my own bread at home. Well, I can’t eat much of it sadly because of my health conditions, but I still bake for my kids. Bread bag, anyone? (Hint: stay tuned for my next post).

I might be spending a few weeks admiring and cuddling these new fabric treasures – but I promise, I’ll share them with my lovely customers soon. Please look forward to seeing some of these fabrics pop up in my Etsy shop!

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